Sunday, September 18, 2016

Yoo 715 - Skylar And Houston

This is possibly my most favorite family photo to date. Skylar!

We did a day trip to Houston last Saturday to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby girl cousin! Skylar will be more excited about this in two years when they can actually play together. But in between spending time with family, we explored some parts of Houston that I hadn't been to yet, including Hermann Park and Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. I really wanted to visit The Houston Museum of Natural Science but we didn't have time. It was in the original plan, when we thought the National Parks photo exhibit was going to be there, but we missed that by a couple of days so it fell down the priority list. I also wanted to stop at Ikea but that would have been dangerous. We don't need more stuff! The weather wasn't too suffocating and Roscoe didn't poop anywhere he shouldn't have so it was a pretty successful day. Though we did have to cut our visit to the dog park short because he insisted on humping every dog. This does happen on occasion but it's unusual. I think it still goes back to having to share the backseat. Also, Skylar was not impressed with her carseat but for the most part she was a trooper.

Have a great day :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Yoo 714 - Skylar, 5 Months

I'm discovering more of Skylar's personality daily and falling more in love with mothering this soul. She is fun times a thousand. I love the poopy moments, I love the crying moments, and I especially love the laughs and squeals. Just this past week, she started sitting unsupported and thinks she's pretty big. She's still a little wobbly but getting better everyday. Some of my favorites right now include when she sits next to the window with her puppy, her frustrated grunts when we put her down on her belly, the grins I get from her crib first thing in the morning, and, of course, her hair. I constantly tell her that she can take her time growing up, but she isn't listening.

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yoo 713 - Labor Day In Austin

Austin is so fun to visit. I fell in love with Zilker Park the first time Greg took me there and it's even better now with a dog and a baby. We explored the graffiti at Hope Outdoor Gallery, let Roscoe run and swim at Zilker, watched the bats, ate awesome biscuits and gravy in honor of my random pregnancy craving for it at this time last year, spent a couple hours at the best dog park on the planet (a whole island just for dogs!), and climbed up Mount Bonnell.

This all came at the cost of one night in a Motel 6 though. I used to think I was invincible and could sleep almost anywhere, but I did not sleep well on that mattress in that room next to the noisy interstate. In fact, we all woke up with aches, so it wasn't just me. Not to mention Skylar could tell she was out of her element. My perfect 12-hour sleeper woke up twice to comfort nurse. But they let dogs stay for free so pups won out. And he loved it, spending the night on the bed sprawled out between the ice-cold air conditioner and Dylan. So I guess it was worth it for him. Though he still isn't thrilled about having to share the backseat with Skylar AND Dylan right now. I try to explain to him that we all have to sacrifice a little and he's like, "Whatever, I want bacon."


Have a great day :-)